The testing laboratory undertakes to ensure, continuously maintain and improve the high-level of the performed work through the following actions:

1. Providing services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

2. The maintenance of the quality management system of the Testing Laboratory in accordance with the requirements of the International standard CCT ISO / IEC 17025: 2010.

3. Ensuring a high-level of organization and testing of atmospheric air samples, the samples of sea, river, wastewater and groundwater, the measurements of microclimate parameters, the noise at workplaces, the outdoor and indoor lighting in accordance with the established regulatory requirements.

4. Ensuring that the performed tests and measurements comply with the established requirements for truthfulness, accuracy of results, deadlines for their completion, confidentiality, competence and reasonableness of the decisions made while carrying out the work.

5. The provision, maintenance and regular review of standards with regard to the fitting and equipment of the Testing Laboratory.

6. The implementation of procedures that consider the latest regulatory recommendations.

7. Regular participation in the relevant external quality control systems.

8. The use of the human resources procedures to ensure the careful selection of the highly qualified personnel.  

9. Involving of all the personnel of the Testing Laboratory in the quality management system, determining their responsibility and authority and bringing this information to the attention of all employees of the Testing Laboratory.  

10. The continuous training of the employees of the Testing Laboratory with the aim of continuous professional growth of employees and the expansion of their production skills relevant to the specific functions of the Testing Laboratory.

11. Regular monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of our services with the view to their continuous improvement.

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Environmental Monitoring Testing Laboratory Quality Policy

Oil and Gas Analysis Testing Laboratory Scope of Accreditation (Sampling)

Environmental Monitoring Testing Laboratory Scope of Accreditation (Testing)