August 3, 2016, was completed supervisory audit of BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratory, conducted by the leading valuers of Georgian Accreditation Center (Tbilisi).

 During the audit, the auditors were present at the sampling sites, observed the laboratory, and tested the design of appropriate sampling and testing protocol selection.
The results of the audit, once again confirmed that the competence of BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratories is fully compliant with ISO standards 17025)
BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratory in 2014 is accredited to ISO 17025 for the right to:

• Selection of air sampling and testing of the samples;
• Sampling sea, river, groundwater and wastewater and testing of the samples;
• Carrying out measurements of harmful substances in the air of the working area;
• Measuring indoor climate parameters;
• Measurements of noise in the workplace;
• Measurements of the illumination inside and outside of buildings and structures;
• Issuance of sampling protocols and testing.