The mission and values ​​of the Company

The BOT provides services for the transshipment of crude oil, oil products and liquefied petroleum gas.

On the basis of the implementation of the decisions, based on the compliance with the legislative requirements of Georgia, the international and interdepartmental standards, the Company in carrying out its daily activities:

Takes into account the requirements of all interested parties;

Performs large-scale environmental activities aimed at mitigating the historical and current factors of the negative environmental impact;

Considers the labor protection and professional safety as an integral part of its activity;

The activity of the Company is based on its corporate values.

The Company is aware of its debt and its responsibility to the managing Company and its partners, therefore, the profitability and the efficiency, the achievement of results, both expected and exceeding expectations, is an indisputable value for it.

Fundamental values ​​of the Company:


Compliance with laws and other regulations;

The employees;

The social responsibility;

Health care;