Career Orientation for Schoolchildren
One of the critical aspects in making a well-informed decision about future careers for schoolchildren is getting familiar with a variety of professions. This familiarity is achieved through excursion programs that include visits to various industries and businesses.

Visiting the site gives them a better insight and opens up a window of opportunity when it comes to careers and choices.

Understanding the significance of career guidance for senior students, "Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD offers schoolchildren in the region an opportunity to engage in practical learning about the fundamentals of specific professions.

On April 21, 2023, an informative tour of "Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD was arranged for the students of the X and XI grades from the "Montparnasse" school. This tour aimed to provide the students with a deep understanding of the oil and gas sector in the region. 

During the tour, the students learned about the terminal's history, its development over time, and its present-day operations. They were introduced to efficient operation of occupational safety, health, and environmental management system. Students visited the fire department
and later - the environmental monitoring testing laboratory. Here, they received a brief tutorial about the laboratory's purpose, goals, and objectives, and even participated in sampling wastewater and atmospheric air. They also gained practical knowledge about the operation of noise and odor level detection devices.

The students witnessed firsthand how the complex technological processes of petroleum product transshipment are carried out under the strict control, in compliance with environmental protection standards due to the highly skilled professionals and coordinated effort of staff.

The management of "Montparnasse" School, run by LLC "Leda", expressed their gratitude to the management and staff of the "Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD for organizing and executing this insightful event. They appreciated their efforts towards aiding teenagers in their career orientation process.