Personnel Policy

The Personnel policy of the BOT is aimed at establishing the efficient human resources management system based on the social partnership. In this regard, one of the main challenges of the company is facing is the development of the employees' professional skills and the traditions of the BOT. The employees are considered to be one of the main strategic resources of the BOT, contributing to its development and ensuring its competitiveness.

The fundamental principles of the personnel and social policy of the BOT are the following:

The selection, evaluation and use of human resources, obtaining the highest return from the employees, ensuring the effective organization of their work and safety, continuous improvement of their skills.

Training and development of the personnel; creating the necessary conditions for effective professional and personal development of the personnel in order to ensure its functioning at a high level.

The continuous development of the personnel management system that meets the current targets of the BOT, based on the effective personnel motivation systems (tangible and intangible), optimization and redistribution of the human resources within the Terminal, taking into account the set tasks.

The practical implementation of the principles of the social partnership and mutual responsibility of the parties in relations between the representatives of the employer and the representatives of the working team; the social development of the team, taking into account the interests of all workers in order to improve the standard of living of workers and their family members; the creation of a system of social and labor rights and guarantees that form the consciousness of corporate affiliation and attractiveness of the company.

The improvement of work with partners-universities of the region in order to ensure the renewal of the personnel, the achievement of positive stability of the personnel.