Occupational Safety, Fire Safety, Industrial Safety

The Batumi Oil Terminal has a Department of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection, which provides planning and effective implementation of the measures related to the occupational safety, industrial and fire safety, environmental protection and the rational use of the natural resources.

The division of the labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection includes the additional units that provide environmental monitoring of the environment, the provision of the primary medical care and the response to the oil spills.

In the process of the activities of the enterprise, the Department decides the following main tasks:

  • the coordination, organization and ensuring the proper functioning of the management systems for the occupational safety, industrial and fire safety, health and environmental protection;
  • the compliance with the requirements of the rules, instructions and regulations on labor protection of industrial and fire safety, public health and the environmental protection during the implementation of all types of work, basic and auxiliary processes;
  • the supervision and control of compliance with the rules of the operation of high technical risk facilities (registered and unregistered);
  • the control and provision of the necessary working conditions;
  • the control and provision of the fire safety at the enterprise;
  • management of the inspection system based on the analysis and assessment of the industrial risks;
  • management of the environmental aspects and risks;
  • ensuring of the control of the training, retraining, certification and advanced training of the working personnel;
  • the coordination, organization and provision of the environmental monitoring activities;
  • the identification of the applicable legal requirements and periodic assessment of compliance with the legal and other requirements;
  • the emergency preparedness and response to accidents and incidents;

In its daily activities, the Department of the occupational safety, industrial safety and environmental protection is governed by the laws and regulations of Georgia, State and international standards, sanitary and fire regulations, and methods and instructions in force in Georgia.

The Department supervises and coordinates the work of the outsourcing company the “Fire Safety, Maintenance” Ltd, which performs the fire prevention measures at the enterprise on a contractual basis in accordance with the current legislative and regulatory requirements of Georgia, including service and readiness for the prompt response to the possible incidents in 24-hour regime, conducting of the planned fire and tactical exercises on the territory of the enterprise, preparing and conducting of the general garrison fire and tactical exercises involving the departments of the Emergency Management and the workers and the engineering technical staff of the enterprise, ensuring 24-hour readiness of the fire-fighting plant and equipment for the emergency situations.

The oil spill response team is staffed with the qualified personnel who have the necessary experience in dealing with emergencies in oil and oil product spills and is equipped with the necessary equipment for liquidation of oil spills of the level I.

All the response team personnel have a vocational education and the relevant IMO-1, IMO-2 and IMO-3 certificates, as well as ISGOTT training certificates.

The Department maintains working contacts with the “NRC Internationale” in order to ensure preparedness and provide the necessary assistance in response to the possible emergency oil spills at sea, in rivers and on land of the levels I and II.

The Department’s competence also includes managing the work of the primary medical first-aid station providing outpatient reception for the employees of the enterprise, medical examination of the employees of the enterprise, analysis of employee morbidity based on the medical examination data, tracking and maintaining a card file about the health of the employees of the enterprise, etc.    

The Environmental Monitoring Testing Laboratory monitors the quality indicators of air pollution, groundwater, the Bartskhana, Kubastskali and Korolistskali rivers, the sea, the noise quality indicators at the enterprise’s border with the residential area, the quality and the quantity indicators of pollutants in the industrial emissions into the air and the industrial discharges in the surface watercourses, monitors the technological regimes of the gas cleaning and water treatment facilities.

The Department of the occupational safety, industrial safety and environmental protection also provides monitoring and regulation of the flue gas contents of the boiler-house, monitoring and limiting of oil and oil products discharge and filling rates, determining and limiting of the noise and vibration at workplaces, rational consumption of drinking and technical water, heat and electricity.

Environment and Occupational Health

June, 2022, was completed accreditation audit of BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratory, conducted by the leading valuers of Georgian Accreditation Center (Tbilisi).

During the audit, the auditors were present at the sampling sites, observed the laboratory, and tested the design of appropriate sampling and testing protocol selection.

The results of the audit, once again confirmed that the competence of BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratories is fully compliant with ISO standards 17025)

BOT environmental monitoring testing laboratory in 2014 is accredited to ISO 17025 for the right to:

  • Selection of air sampling and testing of the samples;
  • Sampling sea, river, groundwater and wastewater and testing of the samples;
  • Carrying out measurements of harmful substances in the air of the working area;
  • Measuring indoor climate parameters;
  • Measurements of noise in the workplace;
  • Measurements of the illumination inside and outside of buildings and structures;
  • Issuance of sampling protocols and testing.